Coffee is one of the most highly-traded commodities in the world – the market is worth more than $100 billion annually. There are two different coffee varieties – Arabica and Robusta, Arabica is considered the premium, more flavorful bean, so it attracts a higher market price. Robusta has a bitter flavor and contains more caffeine. […]


Cloves are one of the most intensely flavored spices: high quality cloves contain 15-20% essential oil. The characteristic flavor of cloves mainly comes from the aromatic compound “eugenol” which comprises upwards of 85% of the essential oil composition. Cloves can also cause a numbing sensation in the mouth. This is because the eugenol found in […]


In Uganda, pineapples are mainly grown south of Lake Kyoga and in western Uganda. Common Pineapple cultivars are grown in Uganda. Smooth cayenne: which is by far the most popular cultivar throughout the tropics. Queens: this cultivar is rather smaller and sweeter than the smooth cayenne.


Ginger may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and other healthful properties. Below are some of the possible medicinal uses of ginger.


Bananas are one of the most consumed and cheapest fruits worldwide: they are the most traded fruit and the fifth most traded agricultural product. The global export value of the banana trade was estimated to be US $8 billion in 2016, with a retail value between $20 and 25 billion.


Avocado is a fruit that has experienced a fast increasing demand in the last few years, due in part to the international popularity of guacamole and its global recognition as a “super food” based on health benefits. The fast growth in demand and prices are setting up avocado as one of the top crops to […]


The Sisal produced on our farms in Kenya has been accepted in the industry as being of a consistent quality and produced to a standard higher than the requirements of the Official Standard Specification for African sisal fiber. Historically, sisal fiber was used essentially for Agricultural Twines, primarily Baler Twine and today North America remains […]


In the long term, the European market for cashew nuts is expected to show stable growth. This growth is likely to be driven by changes in the consumption patterns of European consumers, including the rising demand for healthier snacking options and vegetable sources of protein.